The Performer Solid Body Electric Guitar

Available in 6-string & 7-string guitar configuration

The Performer Solid Body Electric Guitar (Foster Jazz Guitars)

The Performer Series, Foster’s line of solid body guitars, offers a distinctive playability and tone that cannot be found on other solid body guitars. Each instrument features a lightweight basswood body design that is capped with an elegant highly figured maple top. Arm and chest chamfers are also an integral part of the guitar’s design. This offers the player an instrument that possesses a sleek and beautiful appearance while maintaining the lightweight and comfortable feel that is expected from a handcrafted guitar. Each custom neck is painstakingly carved from highly figured maple and is graduated to its final dimensions to ensure optimum fretboard access for its owner. A large variety of translucent or sunburst finishes are available to complete a truly customized work of art.

The Performer starts at $3,500

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Standard Features:

The Performer features one Kent Armstrong humbucking pickup with adjustable poles and is fitted to the guitar in the neck position. Other electronic options are available to suit the needs of any playing style. So, please don’t hesitate to ask. The Performer also features a 5-ply body binding with fancy side purflings.

The Performer is a versatile guitar that can be used in a variety of playing situations, but don’t take our word for it. Just ask finger style players like Howard Morgan and Fred Fried about their Foster solid body guitars. You can hear burning jazz players like Steve Masakowaki using Foster guitars. Pop star and singer-songwriter Paul Simon has also chosen to play a Foster Performer. Whatever your musical tastes happen to be, there is a Foster guitar that can be made for you.


5 Responses to The Performer

  1. floyd carver says:

    amazing artwork. is your company affiliated with fosters custom finishes/guitar shop that was in the mid city new orleans area in the 80’s. i purchased 2 fosters guitars from that location back then as well as a blue charvel strat before charvel sold out. either way please let me know. also years back in the n.o. area a builder named kalil, i think was making a beautiful product as well. i think it was eddie kalil.

  2. Bob Schnick says:

    I own three of the earlier Jimmy Foster solidbody seven string guitars – t-25 ,model(?) One with a additional piezo pickup enabling a really nice mix of the electic and acoustic sound; one with a splt coil option and one that was straight out Kent Armstrong. All are prized and the most playable axes I ever played. I’ve been through the Van Eps Gretsch 7 strings, Benedetto, Borys and other seven string builders, Jimmy’s are the finest.

    Jimmy was also a great gentleman to talk with. He never rushed any conversation and always was helpful. Jimmy was a very wonderful man and great seven string player – he is certainly missed on the mortal coil.

  3. Ed Doyle says:

    I am the owner of one Jimmy’s”T-5″ model (predecessor to “The Performer”). I don’t know if anyone has continued to carry the flame for Jimmy, but I am hoping to have the neck and fingerboard changed on the guitar. If this is possible, please let me know. On a personal note, my association with Jimmy was brief, but in our many phone conversations he was always so cordial, easy-going and informative – a real gentleman.

    Thank you.
    Ed Doyle
    Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    (Formerly of Phoenix, AZ)

  4. Pookie Anselmi says:

    Ed, yes someone is doing work in Jimmy’s memory. His name is Louis Dupaquier. He lives in Covington, Louisiana. He was apprentice to Jimmy. You can fiind him on Youtube.

  5. Ed Doyle says:

    Hello Pookie,
    I apologize for such a delayed response.
    Thank you for the information about Louis Dupaquier. I will be sure to investigate.
    Ed Doyle

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