Jimmy’s Last Guitar: 7-String Royale Archtop #R4

7-String Guitar (Serial #404, R4, JFC1)

Jimmy's Last Guitar: 7-String Royale Archtop #R4

This is the last guitar that Jimmy Foster ever made, and it is the absolute pinnacle of his line of archtop guitars. Jimmy only made four Royale models. This is the fourth. Please check out the pictures below and contact us if you are interested in in purchasing this guitar.

Price: $20,000

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Jimmy’s Last Guitar: 7-String Royale Archtop #R4


  • Hand Split Master Grade European Spruce Top with Parallel or X Bracing
  • Book Matched Master Grade European or Quilted Maple Back with Matching Sides
  • 7 Piece Laminated Maple Neck with Fancy Walnut Center Stripes
  • Venetian Cutaway
  • Adjustable Steel Truss rod
  • Very Select Ebony Fingerboard, Front and Rear Headstock Veneers, Bridge, Truss Rod Cover, Tailpiece, Pickguard, and Heel Cap
  • Abalone 11 Piece Fleur De Lis inlays for the Fingerboard
  • Multi-piece Fleur-De-Lis Abalone Inlays adorn the Headstock, Tailpiece, Truss Rod Cover, Bridge Base and Heel Cap
  • Multi-Layered Lacewood Rear Head Veneer with delicate Abalone Inlays
  • Body Bound with multi-ply Wood bindings
  • 5 ply Wood Binding with side purflings for the Neck and Headstock
  • Multi-layered wood F hole and pickguard bindings
  • Gold Plated Tuners with Fleur-de-lis inlayed Ebony Tuning Keys
  • Custom Floating Kent Armstrong Pickup with Adjustable Poles
  • High Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
  • 7-String Configuration
  • Cedar Creek Custom Double Arched Case

5 Responses to Jimmy’s Last Guitar: 7-String Royale Archtop #R4

  1. Mick Emery says:

    This is the most beautiful guitar that I have ever seen, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I love the natural wood look and pure simplistic beauty of Jimmy’s artistic vision. I truly feel that the world is a more beautiful place with his guitars in it.

    I really wish that I was not on Disability and in a position to purchase this work of art.

    I just felt that i needed to tell you how much i love this guitar and I will miss The Craftsman who made it.

    Sincerely Mick Emery

  2. Mark Horne says:

    response to Royale #4 seven string for sale. I am curious if the guitar is still available for sale and if the price is still $20,000

  3. joel mathews says:

    mick emery was right because the wooden finishing of the guitar was just awesome…………………..

    sincerely joel mathews

  4. Shane mcneese says:

    Please notify me

  5. Mark Piper says:

    Jimmy’s last guitar is absolutely gorgeous. I talked to him years ago when I was starting my business. I was sorry to learn of his passing. He really enjoyed people. . . .Did he pass the torch to an apprentice? Is some one still operating Foster Guitars? If so, I would like to make contact. I am an archtop builder and enjoy conversation and fellowship with other builders as I know Jimmy did. Blessings to his friends and family. Mark Piper

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