Video: Making a Foster Guitar (Part 3)

On December 10, 2006, in News, by Jimmy Foster

Part 3 : Completing the Sides, Bindings, and Finish

In this video, Jimmy finished up the guitar sides. You will then see him tapping on the top in order to tune it. Then Jimmy stamps the serial number of the guitar on the back of the headstock. Once that is finished, he trims the F-hole binding and applies another coat of finish to the back of the guitar. All of this is to get the guitar prepared for the spray room, where Jimmy creates the final finish of the guitar. Then he scraped the guitar binding clean. Jimmy then completes the final sanding before buffing the guitar. Once the buffing is finished, Jimmy routes and buffs the tail piece.

Song: My One and Only Love

Featuring: Jimmy Foster on solo seven-string jazz guitar


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