Video: Making a Foster Guitar (Part 2)

On December 10, 2006, in News, by Jimmy Foster

Part 2: Finishing the Guitar Neck & Starting on the Top

In this video, Jimmy begins to complete the guitar neck. First, he installs the frets. He cuts the frets to size, adds the glue, and hammers them into place. Once the frets are in place and smoothed, Jimmy takes the neck to a buffer, so the frets can be buffed. After the neck is completed, Jimmy begins work on the top. First he must cut out the guitar top from a piece of wood. After the top is cut out, Jimmy adds the X-bracing to the guitar top. You will also see him bending wood to use for the sides of the guitar.

Song: They Can’t Take That Away from Me

Featuring: Jimmy Foster on solo seven-string jazz guitar


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